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a bitter aftertaste

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Birthdate:Mar 29
I'm over-obsessed, easy convert to new fandoms, new ideas, new opinions. I am also going to hell (ya know, the special one). I rant about my life, the meaning of the universe and about how bad fanfiction is causing the decline of Western civilization, all in the same sentence. I pretend I can write fanfiction, I daydream about fulfiling my dreams and I insult people, then apologise for it in the next breath.

I'm a random (but not in the amusing way) ball of ups and downs, contradictions, absolutes and shades of grey. Feel free to interpret that as you wish.

Interests (201):

'67 chevy impala, abandoned places, academia, actually reading marx, agnosticism, all-nighters, andy wilman's a saint, angel, angst, anime, anti-emo, apathy, art, au's, beaches, beethoven, beinn bhreagh, black and white, blues, body modifications, books, bradbury, brian, brian kinney, brian/justin, british humour, britishisms, canada, canadian music, canadianisms, cartoons, certain people, choir, choral conducting, christian kane, chuck/console, chucky danger band, classic rock, cliff burton, comma abuse, cosmopolitans, crack, crossovers, dancing, david hewlett, daydreaming, daydreams, dean winchester, death of tonality, democracy, dreams, duo, emo, england, evil evilness, extreme grammar, fanfiction, final fantasy games, firefly, flaming homosexuals, food, fun, fun stuff, ganging up on tritones, gay pride, gen, gender studies, george stromboulopoulos, getting over crushes, gregorian chants, gundam wing, harry potter, heero, heero/duo, heero/duo/wufei, hot chocolate, impossible crossovers, indie music, j2, j3, james hetfield, james may, jared padalecki, jazz, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jensen/jared, jeremy clarkson, joe flanigan, john sheppard, john winchester, jon stewart, kirk hammett, lars ulrich, life, lord of the rings, lost, marxism, mckay/sheppard, mcshep, meal hall crushes, mel brooks, melancholy, metallica, metallicar, model un, monty python, mount allison university, movies, msn, mta, mullet rock, music, music as inspiration, music history, musical ecstasy, musicals, narnia, new york, new zealand, nsyc, nyc, old buildings, on the road, padackles, pansexuality, pathos, philosophy, philosophy of sci-fi, photography, piano, piercings, plastic!winchesters, plot bunnies, politics, quatre/trowa, queen, queer as folk, queer theory, radio towers, rant rant rant, ray bradbury, reading, religious history, richard hammond, road trips, rob trujillo, rock music, rocks, rodney mckay, romantic music, rps, sackville, sam winchester, sam/dean, scryed, serenity, sex on the beach, sg1, sga, shades of grey, slash, sleeping 'til noon, social freedom, socialism, songwriting, soundtracks, spn, stargate atlantis, starsky & hutch, stephen colbert, stereophonic, steve carlson, subways, summer, supernatural, sword of truth, talking, tattoos, tea at midnight, teh ghey, the argosy, the colbert report, the daily show, the doors, the stig, tintamarre, top gear, tragically hip, trainspotting, traveling, video games, wank wank wank, water, wincest, windsor hall, windsor theatre, wraithbait, writing, your mom, zen
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